Vinay Prasad on ‘The Week in Health Law’ Podcast

By Nicolas Terry and Frank Pasquale

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Renowned hematologist-oncologist, researcher, and writer Vinay Prasad joins us to discuss his views on modern clinical and research practice. A prolific scholar, Prasad has been upending conventional wisdom for years. We discuss the effectiveness (or not) of cancer screening, a more realistic take on the cancer moonshot, and continual conflicts of interest issues in medicine. Be sure to follow Vinay on Twitter @VinayPrasad82.

Our lightning round focused on work requirements for Medicaid (and 1115 waivers in general), scoring the individual mandate, the alchemy of precious metal tiers in an age of Trump, and why the shopping metaphor is so misguided in health care.

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Nicolas P. Terry

Nicolas P. Terry

Nicolas Terry is the Hall Render Professor of Law at Indiana University McKinney School of Law where he serves as the Executive Director of the Hall Center for Law and Health and teaches various healthcare and health policy courses. His recent scholarship has dealt with health privacy, mobile health, the Internet of Things, Big Data, AI, and the opioid overdose epidemic. He serves on IU’s Grand Challenges Scientific Leadership Team, working on the addictions crisis and is the PI on addictions law and policy Grand Challenge grants. His podcast is at, and he is @nicolasterry on Twitter.

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