Introducing Erin Talati

We’re excited to introduce and welcome Erin Talati to our blogging community as a regular contributor.

Erin is currently a Chief Fellow in Pediatric Critical Care Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital and a Research Fellow in the Center for Outcomes and Policy Research at the Dana Farber Cancer Center.  Her current academic work focuses on the ethics of research decision making involving children, specifically examining the practical application of the assent requirement under the federal regulations for research involving children. She also serves as an Ethics Associate on the Boston Children’s Hospital Ethics Committee and has previously worked with the Ethics Committee at the University of Chicago MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics.  Her academic interests involve the intersection of law, medicine, and bioethics, especially as it applies to children.  Erin has previously worked on ethics and issues surrounding children at the Council for Ethical and Judicial Affairs at the American Medical Association and the Center on Children and the Law at the American Bar Association. Erin completed undergraduate training at Northwestern University, earning a BA in Biology and Science in Human Culture.  She subsequently pursued a multidisciplinary graduate and professional program at the University of Pennsylvania, earning an M.D. and Masters in Bioethics from the School of Medicine and a J.D. from the Law School, where she also served as a senior editor on the University of Pennsylvania Law Review.

Some of Erin’s representative publications include:

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