Introducing Guest Blogger William MacAskill

William MacAskill is the Founder and President of 80,000 Hours, an advisory service for careers that make a difference. He is also the cofounder and Vice-President of Giving What We Can, a DPhil student in moral philosophy at Oxford University, a contributor to Quartz and The Atlantic, and has recently returned from Princeton on a Fulbright scholarship.


“Replaceability, Career Choice, and Making a Difference,” Ethical Theory and Moral Practice. Forthcoming.

“The Infectiousness of Nihilism,” Ethics. Forthcoming.

To save the world, don’t get a job at a charity; go work on Wall St,” Quartz (February 27, 2013).

The best advice you’ll never hear in a graduation speech,” Quartz (April 18, 2013).

Peter Singer, Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University, recently discussed Will’s work in his TED Talk, “The Why and How of Effective Altruism.”

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