Introducing Guest Blogger Seema Shah

Seema Shah is a faculty member in the Department of Bioethics in the NIH Clinical Center with a joint appointment in the Division of AIDS.  Her research focuses on the ethics of international research, the ethics of research with children, and the intersection of law and bioethics.  She currently serves as a consultant for the Division of AIDS on its clinical sciences review committee and as an ethics consultant for the Clinical Center.  She has published in the field of bioethics in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of the American Medical Association, the American Journal of Bioethics, and the Lancet.  More recently, she has focused on controversies surrounding the determination of death and organ transplantation, with an article on the topic in the American Journal of Law and Medicine.

Ms. Shah earned her bachelor’s and juris doctor degrees from Stanford University.  She previously served as a federal law clerk in the Eastern District of California and a predoctoral fellow in the NIH Department of Bioethics.  She has lectured on the ethics of human subjects research at conferences run by PRIM&R, ASBH, ASTMH, and internationally in such locations as Mali, South Africa, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Representative Publications:

S.K. Shah, Does Research with Children Violate the Best Interests Standard? An Empirical and Conceptual Analysis, Northwestern Journal of Law and Social Policy, forthcoming.

S.K. Shah, R. Wolitz, E. Emanuel, Refocusing the Responsiveness Requirement, Bioethics (2013).

S.K. Shah, F.G. Miller, Can We Handle the Truth? Legal Fictions in the Determination of Death, American Journal of Law and Medicine, Vol. 36, No. 4, 2010.

S. Shah, P. Zettler, From a Constitutional Right to a Policy of Exceptions: Abigail Alliance and the future of access to experimental therapy, Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, & Ethics. 2010 Winter; 10(1):135-96.

S. Shah, S. Elmer, C. Grady, Planning for Posttrial Access to Antiretroviral Treatment for Research Participants in Developing Countries, American Journal of Public Health 99(9): 1-6 (2009).

S. Shah, A. Whittle, B. Wilfond, G. Gensler, D. Wendler, How Do Institutional Review Boards Apply the Risk and Benefit Standards for Pediatric Research?, 291 JAMA 476 (2004).

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