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We’re pleased to announce a new collaboration with the American College of Medical Genetics and its journal, Genetics in Medicine (under the Nature umbrella).  We’ll be highlighting medico-legal articles, podcasts, and the like from GIM, and in some cases, offering blog-only commentary from GIM authors.

Stay tuned, but for now, take a look at these recent pieces:

Personalized medicine and genetic malpractice by Gary E. Marchant PhD, JD and Rachel A. Lindor JD

Minimizing liability risks under the ACMG recommendations for reporting incidental findings in clinical exome and genome sequencing by Barbara J. Evans Ph.D., J.D.

Processes and factors involved in decisions regarding return of incidental genomic findings in research by Robert Klitzman MD, et al.

The undiscovered country: the future of integrating genomic information into the EHR by Joseph Kannry MD and Marc S. Williams MD (free full text)

Ethical, legal, and social implications of incorporating genomic information into electronic health records by Ribhi Hazin MD, et al.

Practical challenges in integrating genomic data into the electronic health record by Abel N. Kho MD, MS, et al.

Stakeholder engagement: a key component of integrating genomic information into electronic health records by Andrea Hartzler PhD, et al.

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