Awkward Company

I am often surprised when I discover the folk who are on the same side of an issue as me. I must say, it’s not always a pleasant surprise. In fact, I just as often regret having to share company with many people who are on “my side” of a cause.

I expect this is exactly what many of those who oppose abortion in this country would feel if they learned who the main champion of their cause is in Colombia: Inspector General Alejandro Ordoñez, who recently gained international notoriety after he deposed the left-leaning Mayor of Bogotá, Gustavo Petro and barred him from holding public office for 18 years. The official reason is related to his administration’s handling of waste management in Bogotá. However, many believe that the harshness of the sanctions were motivated due to Ordoñez’s repudiations of Petro’s positions regarding abortion and the rights of the LGBT community.

I very much believe that most opponents of abortion in the US would also strongly oppose most of the stringently misogynistic, homophobic and anti-Semitic views that are fundamental to Ordoñez’s political conception, which he defends in his writings, including: “Towards the Free Development of our Animalness” or “Gender Ideology: Tragic Utopia or Cultural Revolution.”

In case you’re curious, below are some translated excerpts from his Law School thesis, which he presented to the University of Saint Thomas in Bucaramanga, Colombia, in 1979.

Fundamental Presuppositions of the Catholic State

Dedication: To our lady the VIRGIN MARY, Mother of God and Mother of ours, co-redeemer of the human lineage… supplicating from her the restoration of the Christian order and the crushing of atheistic communism so that catholic faith my shine allover since without her there is no hope for societies or for men.”

Modern liberal-socialist democracy that reigns in in modern states is false in its principles

In [God’s] name and not in the name of other things, whoever dignified, must we reject the myth of the popular will as the creator of law…

To deny, as rationalism has done, that God is the fountain and origin of political authority, is to deprive the latter of its dignity, is to divest it of its majesty, deprive it of its universal foundation.

Modern democracy tends always towards communism. Because its internal dialectics takes it to massifying and socializing forms. What the last century showed in its theoretical analysis, we see being realized everywhere today. Its egalitarianism but necessarily leads to communism.

The equality that a Christian constitution proclaims conserves intact the distinction between the various social orders demanded by nature; the liberty it defends does not damage true rights, which are superior to those of freedom; nor those of justice, which must prevail over those of number an force; nor the rights of God, which are superior to those of man.

As a consequence of these false principles we see today in modern states pornography reigning without restrictions… homosexuals reclaiming their rights and abortion already accepted in many nations as the right to free maternity.

In the return to a true Christian order with all of its moral and political consequences lies the remedy to the public evils of the present epoch; otherwise we shall be condemned to disappear from civilization to become true nomadic tribes.

…the fundamental norms of society are immutable and do not depend on human will. Never can the perennial laws of the social order be abrogated by human will.

Only one cause do men have to not obey: when something is required of them that is openly repugnant to natural law or divine law, because when human power mandates something agains natural or divine law it trespasses the limits the limits that are set for it, and in these cases it is just not to obey, because we must obey God before men. If legislation is made against natural law justice is perverted, and authority without justice is null.

The Gospels narrate that Pontius Pilate wanting to save Our Lord addressed the Jewish people and asked “Who would you like me to release? Barabbas or a Jesus called Christ?…and they shouted more and more that Jesus be crucified”, and even those terrible phrases “LET HIS BOOLD FALL ON US AND ON OUR CHILDREN.” And it fell. And to the last of times the Jews will not convert.

(This is an informal translation and has not been endorsed by the author of the original text.)

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