Introducing New Contributor Katherine Record

Katherine Record is the Senior Fellow at Harvard Law School’s Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation (CHLPI). Her work, in part, focuses on healthcare reform implementation, compliance training for healthcare providers related to consent for HIV testing and disclosure, domestic and global mental health law and policy, and implementing state electronic health record databases in compliance with federal and state privacy laws.  Prior to joining CHLPI, Katherine worked at the O’Neill Institute for National & Global Health Law at Georgetown University.  There she focused on public health law reform, firearms control, global preparation for pre-exposure prophylaxis to prevent the transmission of HIV (PrEP), and the development of the legal portion of a genetics database. Katherine received her JD, cum laude, and masters in Psychology at Duke University, her MPH from Harvard’s School of Public Health, and her BA, magna cum laude, from Georgetown University.  She is licensed to practice law in the State of New York, serves as a collaborating mentor for Boston Children’s Hospital’s Strategic Training Initiative for the Prevention of Eating Disorders, on the board of directors for Our Bodies Ourselves, as the liaison to the AIDS Coordinating Committee of the American Bar Association on behalf of the Health Law Section, and on the Harvard College Global Health Review’s Board of Advisors.

Recent Publications:

Katherine L. Record, Treating our “Situations” with Science, not Shame, 370 N. Eng. J. Med 1579 (2014).

Katherine L. Record & Lawrence O. Gostin, What Will it Take? Terrorism, Mass Murder, Gang Violence, and Suicides: the American Way, or Do We Strive for Better?, 47 Univ. Mich. J. L. Reform 555 (2014).

Katherine L. Record & Lawrence O. Gostin, A Systematic Plan for Firearms Law Reform, 1127 JAMA 1 (2013).

Becky L. White, Yvonne L. Carter, Katherine L. Record, & Ian B.K. Martin, Routine HIV Screening in North Carolina in the Era of the Affordable Care Act: Update on Laws, Reimbursement, and Tests, 13 Southern Med. J. 138R1 (2013).

Katherine L. Record & Lawrence O. Gostin, Dangerous People or Dangerous Weapons: Keeping Arms Away from the Dangerous in the Wake of an Expansive Reading of the Second Amendment. 37 Am. Bar Ass’c Admin. & Reg. L. News. 8 (2012).

Katherine L. Record, Litigating the ACA: Securing the Right to Health Within a Framework of Negative Rights. 38 Am. J. Law & Med 2 (2012).

Katherine L. Record, University Opposition to Unfettered Research: a New Bedfellow for Biotech?, 22 Health Matrix 139 (2012).

Katherine L. Record & Lawrence O. Gostin, A Robust Individual Right to Bear Arms Versus the Public’s Health: the Court’s Reliance on Categorical Firearm Restrictions, 6 Charleston L.R. 371 (2012).

Lawrence O. Gostin & Katherine L. Record, Restricting Firearms Access for Persons with Mental Illness: Dangerousness, Competency, and the Right to Medical Privacy, 305 JAMA 2108 (2011).

Lorian E. Hardcastle, Katherine L. Record, Peter D. Jacobson, & Lawrence O. Gostin, Improving the Population’s Health: the Importance of Integration, 39 J. L. Med. & Ethics 317 (2011).

Lawrence O. Gostin, Peter D. Jacobson, Katherine L. Record, & Lorian E. Hardcastle, Restoring Health to Health Reform: Integrating Medicine and Public Health to Advance the Population’s Wellbeing, 159 Univ. Pa. L.R. 1777 (2011).

Katherine L. Record, Wielding the Wand Without Facing the Music; Allowing Utilization Review Physicians to Trump the Doctors’ Orders, but Protecting them From the Legal Risk Ordinarily Attached to the Medical Degree, 59 Duke L.J. 955 (2010).

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