Organ Transplantation: Legal and Ethical Challenges (EdX Course)

My university has recently joined EdX and is offering four courses starting February 2015. I have had the privilege of being selected as one of the instructors. I, along with Alicia Pérez Blanco (a skillful intensive care physician, wonderful colleague and sharp bioethicist), will be teaching a course on the ethical and legal challenges of organ transplantation. This has been possible partly because both of us, at different moments, could benefit from the extraordinary resources and the intellectual environment of the Petrie Flom and the Division of Medical Ethics at Harvard, where I stayed during my sabbatical year in 2011-2012.

The course will be delivered in Spanish (we will vocalize with utmost care and speak very, very slowly, it will sound almost like English…) but we will provide exercises and reading materials in both languages. We will cover a lot of the hot topics (DCD, death determination, organs’ conscription, nudges in organ donation, opting-out, markets of organs, death penalty and organ donation, transplantation tourism, among others) and (hopefully) will have a lot of fun (in spite of the nature of the topic). We are very excited and, I have to confess, a bit anxious about the final result. For more information please visit the EdX official announcement.

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