Abortion Is Way More Common Than Most Voters Think

By Gregory M. Lipper

A new Vox survey reveals that a majority of registered voters underestimate the rate of abortion, and that the abortion rate is most likely to be understimated by men, college graduates, and those with higher salaries:

More educated and higher-income Americans are especially likely to believe that abortion is rare.

For example, 54 percent of Americans without a college degree underestimate abortion rates, compared with 70 percent of those with graduate degrees. And 51 percent of those earning less than $50,000 underestimate the frequency of abortion, compared with 69 percent of those earning more than $175,000.

The split happens when you look at gender, too. Women would near certainly have more experience with abortion than men. Our poll shows that 67 percent of men underestimate the frequency of abortion, compared with 57 percent of women.

Fortunately for those who support abortion rights, no Supreme Court Justices are wealthy, well-educated men…

Greg Lipper (@theglipper) is Senior Litigation Counsel at Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

2 thoughts to “Abortion Is Way More Common Than Most Voters Think”

  1. Abortion happens with women and not with men. In other good times, women get pregnant and get their babies willingly; the populations grow. The unfortunate women get unwanted pregnancies, and go for abortion with reasons they know, and some of them are rape, and others are drug abusers which affect their pregnancies.

    They do abortion because they know the hardships of the life children who won’t get support for school, clothes and food. The women know of serious difficult times which lead to abortion more than men. The purview of abortion is better known by between women and, gynecologists & obstetricians.

  2. ABORTION is done by women and not men. Other women get pregnant and get their babies safely; the other unfortunate women go for abortion and know the reason why they do it. The unwanted pregnancies, such as from rape lead to abortion.
    This is known better by between women and gynecologists & obstetricians. Therefore, for their health care is between politics and law.

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