Housing Equity Week in Review

The latest news in housing equity and law for the week of February 27-March 5:

  • Could non-profit be the key to neighborhood stabilization by purchasing underwater mortgages? From NextCity
  • There is a new Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in town! Ben Carson was confirmed as the 16th HUD Secretary. He will oversee 8,000 employees and a budget of $50 billion. Coverage from NPR.
  • The Local Zoning Decision Protection Act of 2017, the two bills (S.103, H.R 482) that are intended to nullify the Affirmatively Further Fair Housing rule, is still in committee. There is a growing concern in the academic and advocate community over the bill in general and specifically over section 3 of the bill banning geo-spatial data on racial disparities. PolicyLink’s Chart of the Week shows the importance of such data.
  • Meanwhile, in Connecticut there is a move to pass an AFFH bill in the state. Open Communities Alliance shares its plan here.

Did we miss anything? Let us know.

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