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CeBIL Annual Symposium 2021 – Orphan Drug Innovation: Needs and Priorities

What are the most pressing priorities for developing new drugs for rare diseases (i.e., orphan drugs), and how can social science research, particularly legal research, help meet these needs?

Presenters will engage with these questions on Friday, September 17 at the 2021 CeBIL Symposium.

Rare diseases affect approximately 25-30 million people in Europe, including millions of children.

However, since each disease affects less than one person in every 2,000, the pharmaceutical industry has traditionally been reluctant to invest in research and development connected to such illnesses given the small market.

In response, legal developments (such as the U.S. Orphan Drug Act 1983 and the EU Orphan Drug Regulation 2000) were enacted in an effort to incentivize innovation. After several decades of operation, are these legal frameworks working well? This event, hosted by the University of Cambridge, an international hub for legal and scientific expertise, will stimulate discussion on this and other questions.

The Symposium is organized by the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Law, Medicine and Life Sciences (LML) and the Centre for Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law (CeBIL) at the University of Copenhagen, and is generously supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Date: Friday, September 17, 2021 – 9:00 am – 11:30 am EDT

Event location: Online, via Zoom

To register to attend, click here.

If you have any queries about the Symposium, please contact LML via email at

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