International Pandemic Lawmaking: Conceptual and Practical Issues

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Amid contention that global governance was unprepared and incapacitated in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this November, a special session of the World Health Assembly will convene to discuss a potential international instrument on pandemic preparedness and response.

This global symposium will publish critical insights and recommendations for this potential “pandemic treaty” on Monday through Thursday on Bill of Health and Verfassungsblog, bringing together leading voices and rising stars in the fields of law, public health, bioethics, political science, and economics.

In addressing the prevailing gap between national and international law in responses to the pandemic, the symposium highlights key points to consider in the framing and drafting of a new legal instrument on pandemics, as well as broader conceptual issues, and challenges related to implementation and enforcement. The full set of contributions will be submitted for consideration to the special session of the World Health Assembly scheduled for November 2021.

In addition to written analyses from around the globe, the symposium will host three webinars where contributors will critically discuss cross-cutting themes, and key points of contention and recommendation for the future of global pandemic governance.

Register now to join the discussion:

Beyond the State: Global Health Governance 22 September, 16-17.30 GMT

Addressing Scientific Innovation through Pandemic Lawmaking 19 October, 11-12.30 GMT

Can A Pandemic Treaty Promote Global Health Justice? 4 November, 16-17.30 GMT

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