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Notice of Proposed Rule Making: Regulation of Human Subjects Research

The HHS has issued a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) with significant changes to the U.S. regulation of human subjects research. Bill of Health hosted a symposium on the topic, getting some of the most important thinkers about human subjects research to weigh in on the NPRM and what it means for the field.

Henrietta Lacks and the Great Healthdata Giveaway

Consent, Causality, and Castles in the Air

“I prefer to be asked”

So many left behind…

“We are holding health care for ransom, just get naked already!” or “Consent neutrality is non-neutral in effect”

Privacy and Promises, Promises, Promises

Your Privacy or Your Life – Human Research Subjects and the Great Healthdata Giveaway

The Common Rule NPRM Blog Series: Posting of Consent Forms

Some Commentary on How to Think About Secondary Research with Biospecimens

How Should We Think About Whether To Donate Our Leftover, Non-Identified Tissue to Research?

When will regs be revised again? & Marcia Angell in NYRB

Blog Series on NPRM at PRIM&R’s “Ampersand”

The Common Rule NPRM: Single IRB Review

Vulnerability, Coercion, and Undue Influence: From the Mud into the Muck?

The Common Rule NPRM: Biospecimens

More Resources, Now from OHRP

Resources from PRIM&R

Helpful Resources to Understand What the NPRM Proposes to Change

Escape for Many, Scant Relief for Those Left Behind

Freedom for Historians, If They Can Keep It



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